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Venues and Attractions in Geneva, IL

Oscar Swan Barn

Oscar Swan Mansion in Geneva, IL

Oscar Swan's Mansion, the Bed & Breakfast, has eight rooms to stay in along with a banquet hall for small parties, celebrations, get-togethers, meetings and more. Stop by and stay the night in one of our romantic rooms with a whirlpool and fireplace and get to enjoy life on the good side with Oscar Swan no matter what the occasion is. We look forward to seeing you!

Oscar Swan Tent in Geneva, IL

Oscar Swan's Tent is a giant canopy that will allow cover from wind and all sorts of weather. Have your wedding or party any day of the year without worry of rain or shine. It's warmly lit at night and fitted with many beautiful tables among beautiful scenery with luscious catering. If you're having a wedding this has been one of our most popular venues, especially in the summer. Be sure to reserve a date for this venue ahead of time at: 630-232-0173.

Oscar Swan Tent
Oscar Swan Backyard

Oscar Swan Back Garden in Geneva, IL

It doesn't get much better than a beautiful day out in Oscar Swan's backyard. Fully equipped with fresh flowers and grass, dozens of chairs and a pool/fountain; the Oscar Swan backyard is the perfect place for your wedding ceremony, party or other event with lots of people. It's the kind of scenery from fairy tales and is the best in the area. Be sure to make your reservations quickly as this popular venue is booked in advance.